Grassroots 2018

March 12 – 14, 2018

8:00 am –5:00 pm PDT


Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina

333 West Harbor Drive

San Diego California 92101


Grassroots 2018 is an exclusive event for our leaders. The agenda emphasizes component leadership and workshops designed to help component officers become more effective chapter and civic leaders.

The conference will open doors and provide opportunities for us to share knowledge, experiences, and challenges. The premise of this year’s Grassroots theme “Leading through Influence,” is to demonstrate the impact of influence in improving chapter effectiveness, communities, and the lives of others. Empowering attendees to best serve their chapters, communities and the profession is an integral part of the experience.

To find out more about why you should join us visit the AIA Grassroots 2018 ­website.

AIA Conference on Architecture 2018

June 21-23
New York City

Conference Theme

Blueprint for Better Cities

At A’18, some of the most creative architects, designers, and firms will share how they’re creating their own blueprint and making a difference in cities all over the world, from London, Arkansas to London, England.


Better by design

It’s time to think more critically about health and resilience, about taking care of each other and the environment, and about solving for “X,” all through the lens of what we build—and what we don’t.

Architects are right in the middle of it, making cities large and small—the superblocks, the micro-communities, and everything in between—better by design.

Your own Blueprint for Better

You’ll leave New York with actionable insights you can use on your next project or to make a difference in your community, on topics including:

Diversity, equity, & inclusion
Everything we design should be for everyone. Affordable housing, green spaces, healthy places, and safe neighborhoods—it’s on us to create access and opportunities.

Every material has an impact. Knowing where materials come from, what’s in them, and their life expectancy gives us greater control over projects and product decisions.

Energy & carbon
Buildings are the biggest carbon polluters, but what if they weren’t? If we work together, new buildings, developments, and major renovations can be carbon neutral.

Rapid population growth, climate change, intentional attacks, and natural and manmade disasters require new design approaches. Getting ahead is our greatest opportunity.

Design & health
Forward-looking design can profoundly impact health in people and communities. It’s time to move past the “do no harm” design ethos to focus on holistic health, by design.

Don’t miss it. Join us in New York City, June 21–23, 2018.

AIA Contract Documents

Order electronic documents HERE.

Order paper documents HERE.

About AIA Contract Documents

Nearly 200 forms and contracts comprise AIA Contract Documents. These forms and contracts define the relationships and terms involved in design and construction projects.

Prepared by the AIA with the consensus of owners, contractors, attorneys, architects, engineers, and others, the documents have been finely tuned during their 120-year history. As a result, these comprehensive contracts and forms are now widely recognized as the industry standard.

Revisions to the Documents
Changes and developments in the building industry sometimes necessitate drafting new contract documents and revising existing ones. When doing so, the AIA abides by certain Drafting Principles and follows a Revision Policy to ensure that AIA Contract Documents maintain consistently high standards while still adapting to current trends and practices.

How the Documents are Organized
The AIA organizes contract documents by two methods:

  • By families based on types of projects or particular project delivery methods
  • By series based on the use of the document

Want to Know More?
Explore these additional links: History of AIA Contract Documents | Contract Documents News

2018 Membership Applications

Architect Application­

Associate Application

International Associate Application

New Grad Application – NAAB Degree Holder

New Grad Application – Non-NAAB Degree Holder

2018 Membership Forms

Associate to Architect Form

Associate to Emeritus Form

Architect to Emeritus Form

Transfer Request Form

New Grad Application – NAAB Degree Holder

New Grad Application – Non-NAAB Degree Holder


Dues Adjustments/Waivers

Dues Adjustment/Waiver FAQ’s­

Dues Adjustment/Waiver Form

Dues Adjustment/Waiver Form - Exceptional Circumstances

Dues Installment Program

How does the payment program work?

If you are joining, rejoining, or renewing as an Architect, Associate, International Associate or National Allied member for the 2018 dues year, you may enroll online in the 2018 Dues Installment Program online during October 1, 2017 - April 30, 2018. Program enrollment ends on April 30, 2018 and 2018 dues must be paid in full by June 30, 2018.

Depending on when you enroll, you may enroll to pay your membership dues in up to six monthly installments. Members must enroll in the dues installment program at the time in which they renew or join. At the online payment checkout process, an option will be available to select “Dues Installment Program” and you may enroll to pay your membership dues.

To enroll in the dues installment program, you must agree to the program’s terms and conditions and pay a $40 administrative fee that helps cover the costs of administering the program. ­The administrative fee will be distributed in equal portions to the member’s monthly installment payments.

Enroll online

New or renewing members enroll online. ­Please visit Join or Renew and you must enroll online. ­

Enroll by downloading application (Rejoining members, New Graduate non-NAAB or AXP only)

Rejoining members or New Graduate non-NAAB accredited degree holders or individuals enrolled in an AXP (formerly IDP) program working under an architect's supervision eligibility must download application.

Enroll by completing the ­dues installment program enrollment formalong with your application for membership:

Architect Download application > ­ ­

Associate Download application > ­ ­ ­ ­ ­

National Allied ­Download application >

Associate (NAAB) Download application> ­ ­

Associate (Non-NAAB degree or AXP) Download application >

International Associate ­Download application >


When may I enroll in the program?

You may enroll in the 2018 dues installment program between October 1, 2017 - April 30, 2018.

Based on enrollment date, available installments are as follows:


  • October 1, 2017 – January 31, 2018: Up to six installments
  • February 1, 2018 - February 28, 2018: Up to five installments
  • March 1, 2018 – March 31, 2018: Up to four installments
  • April 1, 2018 – April 30, 2018: Up to three installments

The first installment payment will be processed upon enrollment. ­Thereafter, the member’s credit or debit card will be automatically charged approximately the last business day of the month, according to the payment schedule. ­Members will receive an automated email confirmation of enrollment into the dues installment program once they have enrolled into the program Once you’ve enrolled in the program, you will not be able to adjust the payment schedule.

You must enroll with a credit card with an expiration date later than June 30, 2018. ­

Who is eligible for the program?

You are eligible for the program if:

  • you were an active member in 2017.
  • you have received a 2018 dues renewal invoice. ­
  • your renewing membership is currently lapsed due to non-payment of your 2017 dues. All 2017 outstanding balances must be paid in full in order to participate.
  • you are a new member.
  • you are a rejoining member.
  • you received a dues adjustment waiver has been approved by the Secretary of the Institute

You are not eligible to enroll in the program if:

  • you have outstanding dues payments.
  • you have outstanding payment plan dues payment.
  • under the Continuing Education System (CES) Audit you have not completed your continuing education requirements.
  • your membership is a State or Local Allied/Affiliate membership. ­State and/or Local Allied/Affiliate membership payments are not eligible for payment in the Dues Installment Program.

May I pay by check instead of by credit card?

Only credit card or debit card payments are accepted for the dues installment program.

How will I be billed for the installments?

Your credit or debit card will be charged on approximately the last business day of the month. For example, the first installment payment will be debited upon enrollment, regardless of the month in which you enroll into the plan. (And so, the first payment date may differ, from the remaining scheduled installment schedule.) Thereafter, your credit or debit card will be charged on approximately the last business day of the month. You will receive an email confirmation of enrollment into the program.

Once you’ve enrolled in the program, you will not be able to adjust the payment schedule.

When can I expect to be billed?

* Must enroll at the same time you join or renew and will be charged on approximately the last business day of the month.

If I owe a balance from my 2017 membership dues, am I eligible in the 2018 program?

No, if you were enrolled in the 2017 payment plan program, you must complete the 2017 installment agreement before enrolling in 2018 payment plan.

Do I need to certify a hardship to participate in the program?

No, the dues installment program is available for new and renewing members without regard to hardship.

What will happen if my credit card is declined?

You will be dropped from the program if a payment is not received within 30 calendar days after the due date. In this circumstance, any remaining balance on your 2018 dues will become due and payable immediately.

How can I update my credit card information?

You may update or change your credit card account by signing a new authorization form and submitting it by email or fax for. ­Contact Information Central at (800) 242 3837, option 2 for the enrollment form.

Adjustment form >

My firm pays my dues. Can the firm enroll in the program on my behalf?

Yes, if your firm wishes to enroll in the program on your behalf, it must enroll its Institute members individually online and authorize credit or debit account from which your dues can be paid. Be sure to complete one online enrollment per member.

Can I opt out of the program later?

Yes, you may opt out of the program at any time through a written request to do so. When you opt out, any remaining balance on your 2018 dues will become payable immediately.

Can I cancel my membership if I enroll in the program?

Yes, you may resign your membership at any time through a written request to do so. The Institute must receive full payment of your prorated dues until it receives your written resignation. Please email

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